last class

first of all, last class was very good it had new ideas. I loved the game and I did it before , but my game was not the same as it.

I have many comments I would like to write about them.

  1. What was the most important thing you learned in class today (February 15)
  • the most important thing I learned was how to lead discussion or new ways to lead discussion.
  • another amazing point was the idea of giving people what they need not what they want. it was not new idea. I have this information before but I learned how to present it.
    1. What remains unclear that you would like to explore further?
    • the idea of individual differences what is the relation between this topic and religion or the idea of Christian and Muslims or free and Neqaab and bad treatments for Christians. you said many things about bad treatments for Christians.
    • I would like to add something in this topic all of us humans . both sides have bad teachers and good teachers. teacher her means Sheikh and Priest. when Muslims deals with bad teacher and he is not really teacher this man will treat this people badly. in the other side has the same when christian has bad church man he will treat Muslims badly. I had experience in this field in my school. but really all of us want to show How Muslims treat Christians not How Christians treat Muslims.
    • finally, I would lik to add something I live in a big building and my father who is the owner of it. our neighbors are Christians and we they don’t treat us the same. but my father still the owner of the building and treat them by god way. they live with us more than 18 year old.
    • really I would like to ask about what is the relation between this topic and our subject shall we talk about theses topics inside our class or what
    • I hope miss Maha and my classmate don’t miss understand me I am sorry for that,but it is my feeling. people who would like to say something is phenomenon start first with research and approve it. I can’t say something is a problem or phenomenon by using individual situation or private experience

4 thoughts on “last class

  1. Ahmed, thanks for your honest and open post. We will discuss these issues further in class and explain how they relate to the rest of the course. Thank you for sharing your views openly

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