Deal with others

Today is the first day at school after mid term holiday.
I tried to ask my schoolmates many questions related to copyright and plagiarism.
I asked questions to collect some information about thier knowledge of this topic.
at first, I had expectations of them like thier responds, but I am wrong with thier opinion. Most of them know what is the difference between two expressions.
The problem here is they dont try to think in how to respect copyright or plagiarism.  they said

you are not wrong when you made something like that

. You can take a copy from any book you need and you can take whatever you
want .

It becomes their culture.
I have many ideas for them to change this idea.


One thought on “Deal with others

  1. Great. Looking forward to hearing your ideas soon! I am a little confused that you said they understood the concepts but they felt it was not wrong…

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