Real feeling “copyright and plagiarism” feel the stolen person

Like I said before I tried to ask my schoolmates about copyright and plagiarism . They told me it is not problem to copy any books or ideas wirhout asking owners. I have an idea with this topic. We have an egyptian idiom said ” the person whose hand in fire is not like the person whose hand in water” this idiom mean the person who suffers from some problems is not like who watches problems.  so I have  an idea. I opened a discussion about a general topic it was how to improve eductional system . I asked each one separately some questions. All of them have the same questions and they have different thoughts. I asked them to write their thoughts. Oneday we had meeting to discuss thier ideas and at the beginning of the meeting . During the  meeting everyone  read his ideas but there is a problem I made it. One of them read the ideas another one and he said these are my ideas. The person who has this ideas started to be angry and said are you crazy why you said thee are your ideas and he left meeting angrily. after that I told him our play. He said to me you can’t believe what I felt. Really my colleagues started to ask to know more about this topic. In my opinion, the best thing made my meeting success is the person whose ideas were stolen is very quiet man. His colleagues have never seen him nervous before. So this situation made them thinking and ask actually something like that makes don’t try to be creative. Finally, we can’t feel with the person whose ideas were stolen without put ourselves in  his experience. Copyright and plagiarism is the most important marks for respect and create right society. People will create and improve any science and topics with try to avoid repeatation.


5 thoughts on “Real feeling “copyright and plagiarism” feel the stolen person

  1. Hi Ahmed,

    I was really impressed that you actually did this experiment at your work place. If you did this with some of your students’, do you think their reaction would be similar to that of your colleagues?


    1. Sure, but I have to choose suitable topic to encourage them. The different between my colleagues and my students is thier knowldge. In other words, teachers have different in experience so they have different opinion on the other hand students have the same experience and their knowlege at the same level so it is very difficult to do the same activity with them , I will try to think

    1. you are right, but its upon your request to make session or presentation for my schoolmates.
      at first I asked them about this topic and I discovered they have much information about this topic so what I did.
      I started thinking for their needs and I did this role play to persuade them to respect others with respect their owns.
      you should not do that for others or out of my school.
      I don’t know what happened now.
      if you asked me to do that I would use another way by showing them movie or presentation about this topic but what should I do with people really who know the topic
      like many people who know traffic rules but don’t follow the instructions or respect them.
      the idea here like my tittle said “Real feeling” how to force without forcing people to follow rules or law or how to make them feel with that.
      finally ,I had alot of ways in my mind to apply this topic.that’s because I am one of the people who didn’t care of this topic”copyright or plagiarism” but now I start asking others to use their owns and after applying this session. I swear I try to find free material and ask for permission.

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