thanksgiving celebration

teaching thanksgiving with non native English people.

that kind of celebration is unusual for non native English language. Thanksgiving celebration has many features are very strange for Egyptian s culture and society. teacher who will teach this topic should put in his mind, his students can’t imagine this celebration features. teacher should put in his mind how to deal with all types of students. in other words, with all minds of students. I mean in this point, some of students will see this celebration is not right and something like that depends on their culture,religion and social customs.

teaching this lesson is challenge however, it s our work nature as a teacher. actually, I taught this lesson with students between 14 and 16 age and it was very interesting.

Lesson plan

I will start this lesson with open discussion  by asking  about Egyptian’s festival, feasts and celebrations.

I will choose one of these celebrations to speak about it in snapshot .I suggest “Sham Al Nessem day”

this day is not near from thanksgiving celebration but has the same idea in feature of it. there is another reason this day is popular  students will know it.

I will start with What do we do in this day? and elicit answers .

Introducing thanksgivings celebration 

I will say each country has  celebrations and feasts and these feasts or celebrations related to  culture and society of this country.

I will start with some vocabulary here  you will find power point presentation with vocabulary related to the topic.

in this stage I can give students reading comprehension about thanksgivings but without answer questions here.

the body of the lesson 

I will ask  about reading but here I will ask to assess their understanding for this passage. I should take care of something the objectives of this lesson is not reading so it is not important for students to understand each vocabulary or not they should understand the whole topic or the idea of thanksgiving. reading is just scaffolding for main idea. I shouldn’t waste much time in it, but it will help I for introduce the main topic and he will go back for it finally.

two directions to complete this lesson

Fist direction

students understand the passage more than 50 % ( it is easy for teacher to know that )

in this time the lesson will go for important points and show for students power point or photo directly for this celebration

after finishing I will show them video about this celebration from here

Second direction

Students understand the passage less than  50 % ( it is still difficult to show the idea directly)

here I will follows the same steps in first direction, but before that I should translate some vocabulary to help him in this lesson  and he can choose it from eading

post time

this stage teacher should assess understanding of student for this topic and measure their knowledge

teacher can do that by asking some questions or do back to the passage and ask students answer questions without looking to passage

here some links to help in that

online games

finally, I would like to say it is easy to read something , but it is not easy to teach it when you read you learn or teach yourself and sometimes you can’t help yourself or find needs of our self  what about your students as a teacher  actually, it is challenge, teacher can make it easier by understanding the nature of his students. 

I search on Google to find material related and suitable for my students. As a teacher you can change what every you want , but first meet with your students needs. first, I feel my tools are suitable for my students and their levels

Using games in teaching something is effective and creative way. in my teaching I  like  using games because I think using games should be used for two reasons. first students have free time and another thing to activate the lazy students who don’t like to participate with other students .so that teacher should make creative atmosphere.

really, I use these games with different methods. first, I log on these games inside class to show them to students to take their attention and teach them how to play. at home they will play these games. next session I will find out changes by asking them about games.


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