Egyptian schools and using technology for educational process”Mark Warschauer “

what of what says still occurs in our schools?

Actually, Mark Warschauer describe our schools as they are .you can find the main topic here .really our schools are suffer from lack of technology of no technology the worst is our teachers understand technology with wrong concept. in my opinion, there is  no technology using in Egypt. using technology needs many things like adaptation, using resources freely, give instructors chance to choose whatever he see is useful for his or her curriculum and students and give students chance to use it freely. this atmosphere is not in Egypt. teachers suffer from many things . the most important thing is educational system or educational instructions. teachers can’t change anything or add anything out of minister of education ‘s books”text book”. in this case how can teacher uses technology. there is a giant gab between technology which ;6we can find new information daily and the information inside school text book that we can’t change for many years .

“though the term digital divine i seldom used in Egypt, the digital divine mindset-seeking to overcome social gaps through revision of computers and internet, with little regard to the context in how they are used-predominates.” Mark Warschauer

this man make investment for 3 years and this is one of this result like I said before to use technology with right way to say I use technology we should use it freely .

using technology is not what is happening in our school today. the teacher who uses technology in school depends only on using power point presentation or PDF files to show what in the school’s book. here is the disaster because something like that is not technology but it is nothing. M. Warschauer said in this topic “On the rare when students do use theses multimedia rooms, they usually sit and watch the teacher lecturing, as usual, but this time with the aid of a CD for presentation. The CDs themselves contain the exact same material as the textbooks, transferred  to a new medium, with little attention given to principles of interactivity or participatory learning. Teacher who attempt to use the computers in more creative ways, even by making their own Microsoft Word or Microsoft Power Point files , have been formed that any activity etc ”

here he show our problem in school. this is the literacy of technology what I mean if you don’t know something you will try to read about it or help yourself to know it with right way, but if we know it wrongly you will still use it and don’t know the right thing

finally I would like to say the problem in Egypt which is related technology comes from many sides

1-government has many instructions or old fashion routine so teachers can break these rules or he will put him self illegal issues

2- minister of education has the same rules and can’t change. in other words, this institution apply the government rules

3-teachers need to develop their professional in this field to use it correctly and they need a lot of trainig with professional in using technology

4-curriculum should be suitable for using technology and help teachers and students to use technology by effective way.

4-supervisors “people who are building Egyptian’s curriculum ” in this point they don’t care of space of using technology inside their curriculum. they build it with text books and materials are not used inside school because there is not option and space for that . supervisor should be professional in using and teaching technology.

I love this topic and I totally agree with him. all these problems still occurs, but something is still increasing this thing is the gab between Egypt in never using technology and other countries which are using technology. this gab is very wide now.

what kind of opportunities do you have to use tech with your students based on their ability access

there are  no opportunities to use technology inside my school. I have been teaching in this school  for 3 years. really I can’t use technology in nonofficial methods because no one will ask me what are you doing? but I suffer from parents they ask me about what are you doing is it related to the final test? so I can’t use it for this reason. for 2 years I started course with same students. this course is called ACCESS to English language. I have been teaching English I have a dream to teach English in our school as a language what mean teach English to help students to communicate with English. something like that is impossible in Egypt. I found myself with institution from its object is to learn language. there is no test , there is no specific curriculum, there is no specific materials and the teacher has the first and last decision to do what he see it right. it is great opportunity to see my dream comes true. I use technology with my students . I changed their life they understand how to think how speak English and How to use technology to find information. I use mobile with all kind of words.

in Egypt if we have the same opportunity in our school we will make miracles



3 thoughts on “Egyptian schools and using technology for educational process”Mark Warschauer “

  1. Dear Ahmed, this is a very thoughtful post, thank you. The four points you mentioned as needed to integrate technology into school are good ones.
    However your last point about having certain opportunities and making miracles goes against some of the ideas we have been talking about in class and Warschauer talks about in his article. He specifically talks about the importance of not treating technology as a “magic bullet” – in what ways did you think integrating technology would enable miracles?

    1. really, technologoy uses only to facilitate educational process and it canhelp teacher to teach lessons which is not easy to imagine or students can’t reach or touch with it in their real life.
      on the other hand, technology can help students in thinking critically and find information easily.

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