Speech act


Speech act from Austin,s point of view is How to do things with words . at first speech acts was concerned with speech later speech act theory can applied to sentences of written discourse. actually , Austin and Searle turned attention from sentences as syntactic units to sentences as utterances in speech situation with specific intention and goals. this speech acts can be seen as the basic units of discourse

there are four categories of speech acts.

1-utterance or locutionary acts.

there are acts of uttering sounds, syllables, words ,phrases and sentences from a language .  From a speech point view , utterance acts are not very interesting acts because an utterance act perse is not communicative. it can’t performed by to per recorder. the main interest of utterance acts derives from the fact that in performing them we perform either illocutionary or per locutionary

2-Illocutionary acts

Illocutionary acts are …

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