Moocs, Khan Academy,Tahrir Academy

it’s our nature when given the choice, people will always choose the easiest and the most comfortable and free. online learning is very easy and comfortable. it is the right solutions for all your requirements. online learning has many benefits. 

At first I would like to write about moocs(Massive Open online Course). It is very fruitful web. MOOCs for me as a teacher will help me in my professional developments by studying and reading about teaching topics. it can helps me with preparing lessons for my students by using some games related to teaching. it can give me some modern methods in teaching and leaning both of them in one side. I will be teacher and learner at the same time and I can fel with my students. in the past I tried to read about many topics related to new methods of teaching and many things about teaching and i still need environment to discuss these points . this web will help me to stay up – to-date with modern techniques.

Khan Academy is very good way in teaching to use all these massive numbers of videos in teaching. I think this web will be useful in teaching Maths more than English.

i will use it to learn computer program. really I hope to be professional in using computer.

Tahrir Academy really I still want to know more about it 



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