This is an important topic. Really it is neglected in Egypt. Although it is vry important

 In my opinon poeople who respect copyright are the same who respect theselves. 

We should put in our mind efforts which the person who create simething done.

Really it is awful behavour to take somwthing and Say it is belong to me and it is not true 

I think person who do that should punish like robbers or much more



2 thoughts on “copyright

  1. Ahmed I think you mentioned a principle which we should all take into consideration that is he who respects copyrights and avoids plagiarism is actually respecting or do not you agree?

  2. I definitely agree; the topic of copyright and plagiarism should be given more attention in our schools and universities. However, the approach to presenting such a topic to our students needs more attention. What kind of feelings do we arouse in our students when we keep repeating the penalties of violating copyright or academic integrity laws over and over? Do we emphasize the negative aspect or the positive side of respecting these laws? Personally I believe that teaching students about plagiarism and/ or copyright should be provided in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere rather than in an intimidating or threatening one. What do you think?

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